Occupational Health

Ensuring a healthy and safe workforce


Occupational Health Services

An employer has a duty of care to ensure that an employee is not at risk of their health or safety, or does not put others at risk.  Some medical conditions, or the taking of medication, can have an impact their work safety. By understanding a medical condition or the effects of medication, we can advise on measures, or assistance that can be given, to reduce safety risks in the workplace, and in getting the person back to their normal substantive job role.

At H-ELP Systems our occupational health specialist can provide:

  • Health assessment of individuals to ensure that they are fit for the work they are (or maybe) employed to do, and/or  to meet legislative health requirements.
  • Health assessment of employees on sick leave or taking regular time-off, with advice on if, or when, the employee will be for fit to return to work, and any adjustment that may assist that process.
  • Health assessment of workers that are engaged in night work or operating a forklift truck.
  • Advice on reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act 2010.
  • Advice on whether there are grounds for dismissal on grounds of capability.

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